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Virtual Debonair

Sick and Tired of flying for a VA where the Webpage is hardly ever updated??

Do you want to fly for a VA where you will be flying for the fastest expanding VA in the world??

If so, Virtual Debonair will be for you!!

Virtual Debonair is now fully operational.

Welcome to the new Virtual Airline, Virtual Debonair.

Take a look around and if you feel that you want to join, e-mail me at the address below, but hurry, a maximum of 25 pilots will only be allowed for the first months.



Virtual Debonair is a Virtual Airline set up to remember Debonair which went bankrupt in September 1999 and its aircraft were sold off to British Midland and numerous other companies.

This virtual airline will be based primarily at London Luton but once opened plans to open a Hub at Gatwick Airport will be underway.

If you are interested contact me at:

Many Thanks

Nick Manley CEO

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